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Playing in the live casino takes a huge flight . Players have massively discovered how much fun it is to play with a real life dealer . From now you can not only live blackjack, roulette and baccarat games , but now live Casino Hold'em. Live Casino Hold'em Casino seems in almost all respects to the well-known poker game Texas Hold'em. The difference is that you are not playing against other poker players , but in the case of Live Casino Hold'em you play against live dealer .

The goal is to make five playing cards . 's Best poker hand ( combination of cards ) You use the two cards you are dealt and combines it with three of the five community cards on the table . The community cards are also shared by the croupier and visible on the table . The live dealer also deals himself two cards and if you play together for the best poker hand. In the picture below you can see your own cards are front ( two farmers ) , which are first dealt with the closed two cards from the dealer . In the middle you see the five community cards which are then divided into two phases.

First, the dealer puts three visible on the table ( the flop ) . At that point you can decide if you 're confident that you'll have the best poker hand and want to bet ( call) or that you expect the best live croupier card combination and want to apply. Then the dealer places the remaining two community cards on the table ( the turn and river ) and turn the two cards the croupier to live so that they are visible. At that time, it is clear who has the best hand and wins.

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