How to use William Hill

If you’re unfamiliar with, you need only know that it is one of the UK’s largest bookmakers and has since gone on to become one of the most popular wagering sites internationally. While the site generally does a fantastic job in helping newcomers to understand how to use its various features, nevertheless it may not be clear to all new visitors. The purpose of this piece is to help clear up all the details so that you can start gambling online (in your region) right away…

First things first, when you arrive at the site you’ll be redirected to your particular region’s site, which will include specific bonuses and features. The immediate thing to do is set up an account, which is free and very easy to do. Just fill in the forms and you’re set (nothing new here).

At the home page you’ll notice that there are a number of tabbed destinations to choose from, such as:

Each one of these areas includes its own set of unique games and attractions; simply choose your favorite. The inclusion of a downloadable mobile app is a nice touch as it allows you to essentially play on the go, wherever you might be. You can also visit the William Hill Casino Club - Game Previews section, which offers many interesting things.

After experimenting with some of the site’s free play games you’re going to want to fund your account in order to begin playing with actual cash. Because William Hill allows you to incorporate outside services like PayPal as well as use a conventional credit card, adding money has never been easier. Moreover, the site also provides you with things like useful statistics (if you’re in the sports category) which you can use to gauge your odds on particular events and so forth.

Conversely, if you’re a UK resident and are more interested in taking a hands-on approach, you’ll be happy to note that there are plenty of shops around, with one or two perhaps being in close proximity locally.

Assuming that you’re reading this and feel as though companies like William Hill plc are content to somehow take advantage of their users, you should check out recent statements made by CEO Ralph Topper in this Daily Mail piece. In it he goes on to state that:

“Betting shops have always been part of the community, but when the situation starts to alienate communities the industry needs to listen and politicians need to act. We think a ‘cumulative impact’ test would be lawful and could be sensibly applied by licensing authorities.”

Given his calls to action it should be clear that he’s not promoting an organization with aspirations to denigrate localized communities, instead favoring certain curbs designed to keep gambling addicts from bringing ruin upon themselves. In short, although his company is indeed a gambling shop, it would appear (at least outwardly) that he’s a decent fellow with admirable aspirations.

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